May 3, 2017
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Reliance Jio tops 4G download speed in March: TRAI

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Reliance Jio and Airtel might be fighting a bitter war over which is the better, faster and ‘cheaper’ network to use, but it looks like the newcomer is acing TRAI’s speed tests. According to a report in PTI, Jio topped the charts of mobile networks for the month of March and saw download speeds of 18.48Mbps, based on reports by telecom regulator TRAI.

According to TRAI’s data, the average download speed on Reliance Jio is 18.48 mbps, which is more than the 16.48 mbps speeds seen in February of 2017. Airtel, which was the second fastest network according to TRAI, had speeds of 6.57 mbps, which is actually a decline from the 7.66 mbps download speeds seen in the month of February.

Vodafone was at number three with speeds of 6.14 mbps, while Idea’s network saw download speeds decline by 2.34 mbps to 5.9mbps. TRAI relies on its MySpeed application to collect and calculate this speed data. TRAI’s results have put Reliance Jio on top for 2017 as far as download speeds are concerned.

This number is not matched with tests by other apps and reports. Earlier an OpenSignal report had said Airtel, and not Reliance Jio was the number one telecom network in India, when it came to 4G download speeds. OpenSignal’s report said Jio has the highest availability of 4G networks in the country, but in terms of speeds Airtel was far ahead.

Airtel clocked in average LTE download speeds of 11.5 Mbps, which was 3Mbps faster than rivals Vodafone and Idea, which came in at number two and three respectively. Jio had fared fourth in the list with LTE download speeds of 3.92mbps, which was below Vodafone’s 8.59mbps and Idea’s 8.34mbps.

OpenSignal’s report also said that Jio fared the worst when it comes to Network Latency. However, TRAI has consistently rated Jio as the top 4G network in India, at least for three months of 2017.

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