Jan 8, 2017
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BHIM App: A Step by Step Guide

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The Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) was rolled out by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in an initiative to enable fast, secure and reliable cashless payments through mobile phones.

BHIM is inter-operable with other Unified Payment Interface (UPI) applications and bank accounts, and has been developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).

The Android app is already available on the Google Play Store, and is downloadable at the link below:


As it is Aadhaar-enabled, the app puts an end to the fuss around other e-wallets.  Moreover, an iOS version will be launched soon.

What is UPI ?

The UPI allows you to make payments using your mobile phone as the primary device for transactions, through the creation of a ‘virtual payment address’, which is an alias for your bank account.

On the BHIM app, it would be <mobile number@upi> or <preferred user id@upi>. This user id would be your primary address, which can be used to send or request money through other ids linked to it.

In a tweet, Pramod Verma, Chief Architect Aadhaar, Architect India Stack, and an advisor to NPCI stated that UPI is also available for feature phones, by dialing *99#.

How To Use BHIM

Install and Set Passcode

  1. To use the BHIM App, you have to download and install it.
  2. When you open this app first time, it would ask you to choose the language.
  3. It would also show you some basic features of the app.
  4. In the next step the App would ask your permission to send and view SMS from your Phone. It is necessary to verify your phone number.
  5. If may also ask to choose the SIM if you have two SIM in your phone. You should choose the number which is linked to the desired bank account.
  6. Now You have to set the Passcode/PIN to open this app. It would be a 4 digit PIN. Without entering this PIN, you would not be able to open this app in future. confirm the PIN again by entering it.
  7. Now you would reach to the dashboard of the BHIM.

Add Bank Account

  1. Your first step in the BHIM dashboard should be the bank account linking. You need to link bank account to transfer fund from that account and get money to the account.. Note, You can link only one account at a time in the BHIM app. Other UPI apps give you the facility to link multiple bank account.
  2. To link bank account, you have to the choose the bank name from the given list.
  3. You would see your bank account/s of that bank. Select the account. It links the bank account to the BHIM app.
  4. Anytime, you can change your bank account by going through the same procedure.


UPI PIN is required for the final authentication, when you pay money to any bank account. The UPI PIN is the same PIN which is called as MPIN in other UPI apps.

To set the UPI PIN, click on the Bank account.

You would see the linked bank account. Below the bank account, you would also see about the status of your UPI PIN in green fonts. If you have previously set the UPI PIN, there would be a message about this.

Send Money

Now you can send and receive money through the BHIM app.

  1. To send money, you have to click on the send money link.
  2. In the next step you have to enter the mobile number of payee. You can also enter the virtual payment address of the payee. You would not get any other option to pay. Other apps such as Baroda MPay give the liberty to pay money to bank account or Adhaar number as well.
  3. Enter the amount and remarks to send money.
  4. Finally, enter the UPI PIN. It is the same PIN which is used as MPIN with other apps. Once, you enter the UPI PIN, the money gets transferred to the bank account of the payee. You would instantly get notification about that.

Collect Money

To collect money Click on ‘Request’ on dashboard.

Again you have to enter the mobile number or VPA of the person from whom you want the money. Enter the amount and remarks and submit. As you submit the request, the payer would get a notification in his smartphone. By following the notification, the person can accept or reject the payment.

You can also generate the QR code to request payment. To generate QR code you have to only enter amount and remarks. The payer would scan this QR code and accept the payment.

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